Hobby Artist Fair Uebach Palenberg

NB artz - CMC2011

Last sunday we joined a hobby artist fair for the first time and we have to say it was a very interesting experiences.


It was in a rather small town in NRW/Germany, in a corner of a nice building called "Carolus Magnus Center" where we spent the whole grey sunday to present our arts and meet other artists. And drink reasonable good white wine. : )


One could find a variety of things - lots of jewelery, lots of x-mas decorations, hand made teddy bears, puppets, quilts, mini doll houses, cards, lamps - even elderberry liquor and tea.

And amongst the 4 "painters" exposing there one could find us-

NBartz -exposure new-bees, smilers, chocolate eaters.


Allthough we all would have been fine with more visitors, light and music I hardly realized the 8 hours going by.

As we're now prepared and experienced we'll for sure let you know about the next happening and hope to see you there.


And I simply have to advertise this:

I found my new favourite fashion label - Pauliz !!!



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