Well - for people who know me it is nothing new that I am curious and open for experiments, that I would try everything if possible.

I tried so many instruments and sports that on that field there is hardly anything left.

On painting I made many experiments in my youth and different to sports and music I sticked to the one I liked best: Acrylic colours!


Anyway, I felt the need to explore some more creative media this late summer:


Digital Painting

I bought a drawing pad for my laptop but it didn't catch me for long.

Wether I lack the right software or patience... ;)

So unfortunately (or fortunately) there is no result to present to you.


Silk Painting

Somewhere in the back of my memories I can recall my best friends older sister doing silk painting. As a teen I thought it was a serious and grown up hobby, so infact I never considered it for me until this year. Yes, well, I am kind of old now appearantly!! :)

It was fun to do, but it is not "my cup of tea".


No brush - expressive and fast

This was huge fun to do but I would need some more practice to come to bareable results. And a bigger atelier with more space to splatter the colour around. ;)


Aquarell colours

No chance for me on big scale but I simply love it on A5!

It's a bit of preparation and you absolutely need good and suitable paper - but then it is a really nice medium. Sure obvious why it is used for illustrations a lot. It is fast, colours can be soft or intense. I'll keep working on that field!


There is still something left to try - COPIC markers!

It's on the top of the list and as soon as the experiment is done I'll let you know.



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