Book Cover!

Das Dritte Segel, Birgit Rossi
Das Dritte Segel

We proudly announce that "Das dritte Segel" is available for sale since 2 weeks!


It's about a young mother giving her first baby for adoption, fighting against tumors and finally having a heart surgery.

Her story is about how her lived evolved and how things turned out good in the end.


We were honored to design the book cover painting.

After several drafts and meetings the theme was clear.

We included the authors real hands into the painting, symbolizing her three children and the three wings of the heart.

From several variations of that  motive B. Rossi chose this one:

NBartz is happy to have been given the chance to contribute to this personal, emotional and exciting project!


For everyone who speaks German and wants to make 90 minutes fly by:

Read this book! Giggle, shiver, cry and smile - it has everything!



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