The dragon

Eliotts Drache

The Dragon is ready!

To paint such a big dragon (approx. 150x75cm) on the wall took me quite some time. The painting itself must have been only around 6-8 hours, but the whole project took me more than a month. Because, when is the best time to paint? Right, when the baby is asleep! But where does the LO sleep? The nursery, in this case THE spot where mummy wants to do the painting.And also daylight - and with it the possible painting time - got shorter and shorter. Anyway - now it is done! The dragon is ready! :)


And it was sooo much fun to do!!! Of course I became a bit quizzical towards the chosen colours and combinations but in the end I am very happy with the result. So it was easy to take the comment "Isn't a dragon supposed to be green?"

Green would just have been too much in a room with green walls, wardrobe, bedsheets, not even mentioning all the other small green dragons and monsters which inhabit this room.

Orange is said to trigger creativity. I assume that our baby boy, as well as all the other little loved ones, has enough creativity already and needs no further trigger. Why I still decided to use orange? 

Of course because we have our little house and home in the little Netherlands and want to make a statement for this *Oranje* nation! :)


As you might recognize below this dragon doesn't only guard Eliott's sleep but also his treasure (toys)!


For the both of them it was love at first sight! From his very first state as sketch the dragon receives a friendly patting hand every night.


So... well... what do I paint now?



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