Hello there!

Thanks for coming by!

Obviously the most ineteresting thing on my website is my blog. There I'll tell you about the books I am reading, the pictures Ia m painting and how I am arranging my chidren's LEGO.

Why do I do this?

Truth to be told without aiming for great marketing effects:

I do it because I love writing, talking about books, presenting my paintings and sharing the delight of toy-photography.

Of course I know that other people write better posts, read hotter books, paint prettier pictures and maybe even find taking photos of LEGO minifigures childish.

But I also hope that there are other other people that actually have a similar taste, read the same books and are curious enough. Ideally reading my blog lifts up your mood, creates ideas, makes you buy a new book and sit down to read or leave me a comment.


Happy regards and have fun!