paintings for kids

Luca's jungle

Aurélie's dragon

Aurélie's tree

Eliott's dragon

Alexis & Mr Bouh

Emily's sheep

Racing on the wall



Acrylics on canvas - 50 x 100


Bunte Ballons!



Cotton Candy

kitchen fairy
cotton candy fairy

Acrylics on canvas - 30 x 30


Kitchen Fairies love the fair!


Guess why!!

Yoga Pie

Yoga Pie NBartz
Yoga on a tartelette

Acrylics on canvas 40 x 40 x 4 cm


After a hard working day some Kitchen Fairies like to relax.


And if they can find a freshly baked mini pie


- they simply can't resist exercising some yoga!

Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking
Cherry Picking

Acrylics on canvas 40 x 50 x 4 cm


If Kitchen Fairies are talking about "cherry picking" it´s got nothing to do with fussy behavior


- it's just part of their work!


...well, they're still dainty of course...